I’m 18!

Ah, sweet adulthood. Though, of course, nothing has really changed. Still living in the same house and 100% financially dependent. But, mom and dad are starting the “transfer of power”, if you will; I now have ownership of all of my official legal documents and have to do other things on my own, like getting clothes altered. It’s small stuff, but it’ll change in a major way at the end of May. But no rush. My parents also talked with me late last night (thank God I took a nap last night) about the ramifications of adulthood — notably the necessary increase in responsibility necessary since I can no longer legally hide under my parents.

Oh, and I can finally call all of those toll-free numbers!


  • A really, really mid-thigh length coat. This will come in handy at HMUN.
  • $25 towards the ecosystem that Steve Jobs built
  • A tie and belt rack (keeping everything on a broken hanger wasn’t cutting it).
  • A really, really sweet card from mom and dad. I’m keeping that. 

Time to go clubbing! 

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