New Mac Time!

Hey there, faithful readers!

Well, as most of you all know from my previous posts, Apple came out with some major updates to their MacBook line recently. And I’ve been thinking about my Mac, and how much I love it. And how much it needs to be replaced. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not broken. But it’s dying inside.

At the time I got it —October 2008, my freshman year— $1200 got me: a Core 2 Duo processor, Nvidia 9400M graphics, a 160 GB hard drive (since boosted to 320 GB) and 2GB RAM (boosted to 6 GB currently; it’s the only reason that my Mac is still workable running Lion at this stage in the game.) It’s got a Mini DisplayPort, an Ethernet port, and two USB 2.0 ports. The optical drive broke about a year ago. It does have a VGA iSight camera, which is great for videochatting my friends all over the world. My little brother is going to need a computer soon, and he could always have my MacBook [I’ll even be nice and let him keep the memory and hard drive upgrades I put in there].

The current Mac that I’m lusting over is a fairly maxed-out 11″ MacBook Air. It’s armed with 2(!) USB 3.0 ports, a Thunderbolt port, no optical drive (not that I’ve had one in over a year anyway; haven’t missed it), a 720p FaceTime camera, 8 GB RAM, and best of all: a 256 GB SSD. As most of you shold know by now, hard drives are the biggest bottleneck for computers today. Getting one with an SSD is a much faster experience in every appreciable way. It’s like going from 3G to LTE or Dial-Up to Ethernet. It’s crazy fast. All of that in a 2lb-lighter package on a screen that’s virtually the same resolution. Not to mention that the battery life on my MacBook has decreased greatly.

In essence, it blows my MacBook out of the water and leaves it to die, cold and alone. All things considered, I’ve put about $1400 into that MacBook, and the Air I plan on replacing it costs only $1500. Plus I get a backlit keyboard. Backlit. How cool is that? If I can get it before September, I can take advantage of that Back-To-School sale.

Well, without a job, there’s not really much I can do about this situation right now. But if you know a place that could squeeze me in, do give me a call.


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