BookBook for iPad

As a lot of you know, I have a BookBook case for my iPhone. I’m sure that most of you know, I’m also completely in love with it. My original iPad case set up was an iPad Smart Cover with little rubber feet on the bottom. After about six weeks though, the feet came off and I decided to get a Griffin Snap case. It was cracked and wouldn’t stay on the iPad after about two weeks and two light drops. I was not pleased. Recently, my mom and my brother both cracked their iPads. Not wanting to continue the family tradition of shattering iPads, I decided to go ahead and spring for a real case. In a stroke of cosmic coincidence, I realized that TwelveSouth had just updated their BookBook to Volume II (see what they did there?). I ordered one last Sunday and it was on my doorstep by Thursday. As is always the case with TwelveSouth products, I love it. It’s beautifully crafted, hand done, and came in beautiful packaging. It adds a nice heft to the iPad and reduces the slipperiness in-hand.

The BookBook closed.

Of course, it’s made of real leather, and the iPad slips in via the left side of the casing (similar to how it was inserted in Apple’s original iPad case). It really does look like a vintage book—even more than the iPhone version due to the size. However, instead of pages inside, there are two zippers that keep the case bound shut and allow for a cord to be slipped through as well.

Hey, look! It’d be invisible if it was black. Ignore the fingerprints.

One of the advantages of Volume II over Volume I is the typing stand functionality as well as the variable-angle horizontal stand. Don’t try to read my iMessages.

Here, you can see how the BookBook can be a versatile horizontal stand with multiple angles available.

The only semi-concern that I have with the case is that in order to take a photo with my iPad, I’d have to fold the iPad out of the book and leave the BookBook hanging below in order to take a photo with it. Thankfully, I don’t take many photos with my iPad. And, as with most cases, there’s no way to have the iPad stand in portrait style, my preferred orientation. That means my TwelveSouth Compass can still get some love. If you want a really nice iPad case for you or a family member, I highly recommend it. It comes in black, brown, and rustic+red.


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