A few months ago, I mentioned my wanting for some good sunglasses; specifically some Ray-Ban Clubmasters. I’m happy to say that a couple of weeks I was able to procure some. I lucked out and found them for $50 off retail at a Sam’s Club. They’re extremely well-built, sturdy, and they’re my school colors. I’d say go get some, but my favorite quality about them is that while they are recognizable, they’re not cliché like Aviators or Wayfarers. The only issue with them that I have is that I think that the color-scheme isn’t too versatile—especially since I only wear silver jewelry. If I was to get a second pair, I’d really want the wire to be silver, not gold. A tortoise-shell color would also be a nice change of pace. Now the question is: Do I build up a collection of Clubmasters, or a collection of Ray-Ban sunglasses?

A shot of me in my Clubmasters.

Update: How about this one? Update II: Or this one?


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