One of the greatest fabrics for the summer months is seersucker.

Traditionally a fabric seen in the South, It’s 100% cotton and very breathable. The traditional season for wearing it is between Easter and Labor Day. It’s almost always striped (and if not, then checked), and the most common color combination seen is light blue and white stripes. Occasionally you’ll see a light brown, green, pink, or other light color. It’s very comfortable. Better yet, put the iron away boys; seersucker gains a certain charm when it’s wrinkled.

For men, it’s usually seersucker shorts or pants, and is also seen as a full suit. Because seersucker is usually white + another color, it’s pairs really well with light, solid tops (either a polo or button down). I highly recommend that anyone who doesn’t have at least one seersucker item grab a few garments.

You should be able to grab items for a reasonable price; I was able to grab these shorts on sale for only $27 from Macy’s. Happy Hunting!

Seersucker shorts with a solid pink button-down. Nice and harmonious.


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