Sunday Somewhere Glasses

As many of you know, I absolutely love glasses. Sunglasses, optical, anything. To me, [sun]glasses are an under appreciated way to add a unique stylistic flair to an ensemble. I’m sure the pair that most of you are familiar with are my white “Korea Glasses” (that I so dearly love). I’ve also recently expanded my optical collection with my venerable Ray-Ban Clubmasters.

As I was strolling through the internet today, I stumbled upon a relatively new glasses brand: Sunday Somewhere. The ultimate [last, linguists] paragraph of the ‘About’ section of their website says this:

“Sunday Somewhere’s aesthetic is influenced by both the past and future. With references to classic vintage frames, intricate modern detailing and futuristic materials, the finish is practical, a wearable modernity. This ‘classic with a twist’ collection makes Sunday Somewhere fresh, covetable, timeless.”

I think it’s awesome. And upon going through their website, I’ve found some styles that have made me forsake my Ray-Ban allegiance without a second thought. Now at the top of my list of glasses to get: the Sunday Somewhere Heeyeh.


So. Beautiful. They come in black as well as a lighter brown, but these are just something special.

Now, they’re pricey at $220 AUD ($225.4 USD) + $25 USD for shipping. To me, that’s a totally reasonable price. Just thinking of all of the fun conversations that those would spark already has me excited to try a pair on. Because they’re new and upscale, naturally there’s no reseller in town; I’d have to order them online.

Well, Christmas is coming. Looks like I’ve got some decisions to make.


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