The iPhone 5 is here

…and it’s called the iPhone 4S. People. C’mon. Few things irritate me more than when people ask me when the iPhone 5 will come out. I [maybe a bit flippantly] reply that “It’s here now; pick it up at any place that sells iPhones.”

It’s important to note that with the iPod and Mac lines, Apple does not append the name with the generation number for its devices (e.g. the iPod nano 5). It simply refers to these machines in official documentation as the product name with the generation number in parentheses (e.g. iPod nano (5th generation)). It’s simply the iPhone line and the iPad 2 that break this pattern. And we all know that Apple is a company of pattern.

People’s confusion stems mostly due to Apple’s iPhone naming system. The original iPhone was simply “iPhone”. But when the second generation came out, it was called the iPhone 3G. This was because this was the first iPhone that had 3G networking; everyone knew that it wasn’t the third iPhone. The third phone was called the iPhone 3GS. Easy to remember, and it had the “3” in it too. Enter the iPhone 4: one of the few Apple products that has its generation number in its official title (along with the iPad 2). Now, before the Apple enthusiasts caught on to Apple’s tick-tock strategy, there were a number of debates on the Apple enthusiast corner of the Internet over whether the next iPhone would be named “iPhone 5” or “iPhone 4S”. Apple proved that the 4S camp guessed right.

When the iPhone 3GS came out in 2009, it started a tick-tock pattern for Apple. An overhaul of a product would come out, and then Apple would refine and perfect it next generation and append the name accordingly. This was also apparent in Mac OS X with Snow Leopard succeeding Leopard  in 2009 and Mountain Lion succeeding Lion in 2012.

But for some reason, people stopped making sense. “Oh, the iPhone 5 didn’t come out this year, they released the 4S. So I guess it’ll come out next year!” That makes no sense. Apple just released the “iPhone 5” with a different name. Don’t be a lemming. Call the next iPhone simply “The next iPhone” or “iPhone 6th generation”. Because you know what? No one outside of the top people at Apple know what it’ll be called, so let’s not assume. But we know it won’t be the iPhone 5.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’ll reward you by reading the previous 427 words with this:

Look, the iPhone (5th generation)!


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