One of the greatest controllers ever built.

When the Nintendo GameCube was announced back in 200, everyone was very excited. It was one of Nintendo’s most traditional consoles, and had a number of stellar games. As as with all games, you interact with them through the controller: and the GameCube has one of the best ones.

While Xbox and Playstation controllers had a standard A-B-X-Y layout, the GameCube controller has an asymmetrical layout that it more comfortable for the thumb: a large green A center circular button, slightly lower, circular B button, and two bean-shaped buttons to the right and above the A button. Odd as it may seem, it was a very comfortable layout—especially the low travel time between buttons and the proximity of the Y button to the A button.

The C-Stick p, primarily used to control the camera in 3D space, was smaller in nature that the thumb stick on the upper-left of the controller. Both were octagonal as opposed to circular. On the lower-left, there is the familiar D-pad, but too small to be used as more than simply another set of buttons rather than a main way to play games. Neither the C-stick or the Control Stick could be depressed as another button.

The triggers (oh the triggers!) were analog; and is still the only Nintendo controller to have them. Above the right trigger is the Z button; oddly enough, there was no equivalent above the left trigger.

With the inclusion of GameCube ports on the Wii, the GameCube controller got more time in the sun than most controllers, lasting through 2 full generations (though Nintendo took off the GameCube backwards-compatibility with the release of the black Wii in 2010). Everyone is familiar with GameCube controllers. They’re comfortable. Familiar. Traditional. When the Wii came out, everyone clutched on to them, especially for games like Smash Bros. Unfortunately, Nintendo also kind of shot themselves in the foot with it too: Wii U owners aren’t happy that their venerable controllers are finally being laid to rest. The biggest complaint I get when people come over to play is “It doesn’t support GameCube games?”

The GameCube controller was good to all of us. We’ll never forget Smash Bros. with it, or Metroid Prime, or Resident Evil 4. Rest well, Cube controller.


The GameCube Controller

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