SEC Football Bet

My apologies for not writing in a while. I’ll make up for it by inundating you throughout the football season with predictions, reviews, and possibly some rants.

I decided to do something new this year: a few friends and myself have decided to have a bet about football(!). [Most of you know that I couldn’t have cared less about sports in high school, and thus this seems inconceivable; just let this serve as proof that miracles can happen.] Here are the rules:

Winner gets an Authentic Full-Sized Vanderbilt Gold Football Helmet. Other participants pay for an equal share of the total price. Should the helmet cost more than $100, then the winner plays the remaining balance over $100. A winner is determined by total points accumulated at the end of the season. Point values are described below.

Helmet: (

+1 for each correctly picked non-conference game.
+2 for each correctly picked conference game.
+3 for correctly choosing a division champion
+4 for correctly choosing league champion
Subtract the corresponding points for each game chosen incorrectly (no penalty for incorrectly choosing a league or division champion).

In the case of a tie, go down the list:

  1. Choose whomever correctly chose the SEC Champion. If both chose correctly or incorrectly, then
  2. Choose whomever correctly chose the division champions. If both correctly chose each division winner (using SEC tiebreak rules), chose one incorrectly, or both incorrectly, then
  3. Choose whomever more accurately predicted the SEC standings. If both were the same or made the same amount of errors, then
  4. Choose whomever predicted Vandy’s schedule more accurately. If both predicted the same (or were both one game off, two games off, etc.*), then
  5. …wow.

I’m really looking forward to winning this helmet, so it should be a fun pick. Let’s see who I’ve got taking home the W’s this weekend!


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