Week 1

FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE. After the longest offseason in sports, everyone’s favorite Saturday afternoon hobby is back once again. Week 1 actually has more than one exciting match ups (unlike the next two weeks, unfortunately):

Temple @ Vanderbilt (Thu)

Clemson @ Georgia (Sat)

Texas A&M @ South Carolina (Thu)

Arkansas @ Auburn (Sat)

Ole Miss vs Boise State (Sat, neutral)

Utah State @ Tennessee (Sun)

LSU vs Wisconsin (Sat, neutral)

Of course, there are a few other games, but they’re either so boring or so easy to predict that I’m not going to waste space on them. 

OOC match ups worth discussing:

  • In the OOC match ups, I’ve got the SEC team winning. The biggest chance for an OOC matchup I think is Utah State at Tennessee. Tennessee will be really green, and Utah State has a lot of things on their team worked out, including the QB; Chuckie Keeton is good stuff from what I’ve read. Couple that with the odd date, and crazy things could happen.
  • Georgia and Clemson gave the country a great show last year, but I think the Dawgs will be ready to get revenge at home. A very underrated rivalry. Given that Ga. Tech has become a slaughtering house for Georgia every year and that Clemson’s only challenges annually are FSU and South Carolina, this should become a regular matchup.
  • Regarding Ole Miss and Boise State, Boise’s playing a long way from home and isn’t quite the powerhouse they were a few years ago. I think it’ll be close, but those darn Rebels will get the W (but I’ll be so very excited if they don’t). 
  • LSU vs. Wisconsin will actually be a great matchup. Given that it takes place at Jerry’s World, it will be a de-facto home game for the Tigers. They’re a little young, and Wisconsin could easily take home the W. If they do, expect the “SEC has Fallen” war calls to grow much louder. This game really is for the league. 

League Matchups:

Arkansas @ Auburn is going to be rough. I hope the Hogs keep it close, but I don’t think anyone is expecting them to. I say Auburn beats them by 3 touchdowns.

Vanderbilt’s Game:

This is Mason’s coming out party. Hopefully, the stadium will be (mostly) packed, and everyone will be wearing black. This is when the fan base decides whether they’ll unite behind recently-announced starting QB Patton Robinette or clamors for Johnny McCrary to be thrown in every time Robinette throws and incompletion (given that McCrary was the expected starter coming into the season for around 70% of fans). We’ll also get to see whether Robinette has anyone to throw to since Jordan Matthews is gone, and a glimpse at how good the running backs will be to take the pressure off of the passing game. We should get a good look at how the defense adjusts to the 3–4 and how the offense adjusts to a West Coast style. This is when we all get to see those awesome helmets in action. We’ll get to see how the SEC Network will run things. We’ll get to see band director Dwayne Sagen’s final home opener after 29 years here at Vandy. But, most importantly, we’ll get the first (of many) W of the year. 


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