The Vanderbilt Commodores couldn’t repeat for a second straight College World Series Title, falling in the rubber match against the Virginia Cavaliers—their same opponent from last year. Though we took the lead at the bottom of the first, a series of lucky calls and timely hitting kept the momentum on Virginia’s side after the third.

Ultimately, I’m frustrated and pissed. Sure, we got runner-up, which in a field of 64, is a pretty great spot. But a few key moments in this game and last eventually led to the Cavaliers’ title. We only scored in 1 of the past 19 innings that we faced them—that’s simply not championship material. I don’t want to say that we choked, but we did make some uncharacteristic mistakes (coupled with shit umpire calls that led to 2 UVA runs last night). There’s nothing that can be done about it now. They won the title.

Now we look ahead—we have the consensus #1 recruiting class come in, and even if you split our class in half, we’d have the #1 and #2 classes. This won’t be our last time in the title game. Since Corbin arrived in 2003, we’ve been one of the best in the SEC and one of the top programs in the nation. Eight out of the past thirteen SEC Tournament titles have featured us in the title game. We have the 2007, 2011, and 2013 SEC Regular season titles. We’ve got four SEC East titles. We’ve been to Omaha 3 times and won the title last year. We’re going to be fine, and there will be more opportunities in the future. Tim Corbin is a great coach and individual who has shown that he can win at the highest level. Hopefully we can prove that again and maybe even get back to the title game next year, hopefully coming out with the W.

Anchor Down.


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