Keynote Predictions

One of my favorite days of the year is here: the annual Apple adept ember Announcement Day is upon us and kicks off today in just a few hours. Just to have it in writing and on the record, I’d love to give my predictions for how the event will go. We’ll find out soon how right I am. 

  1. Update on how people are loving the Apple Watch. Highest customer sat ratings of any of their products. Some word on the expanding Apple Pay. 
  2. Another overview of watchOS 2. We will get some more demos of what can be done, first and third party. 
  3. New watch bands. I’ll go out on a limb and say that they may announce some bigger versions of existing ones (I hope, for my sakes). At least for the 38mm. 
  4. No new watch hardware, because that would be ridiculous. 
  5. We’ll then pivot to iOS 9. We’ll go through the new features again, and we’ll likely see some stuff we didn’t see at WWDC. 
  6. New iPhones. Dubbed the 6s and 6s Plus, they’ll have a new color option and will have Force Touch. They may or may not mention the new aluminum, but they will talk about some great camera improvements. 
  7. We’ll see the A9 chip as well as the M3 processor. Both good, but not mind blowing improvements. The phone will have 2 GB of RAM
  8. We’ll see a couple of third-party demos of games on the new phones. 
  9. Apple TV: new form factor, and the remote will be one of the biggest aspects of the TV. Of course, you can use your iPhone too. An Apple-branded controller would make me really happy. 
  10. There will be some new content deals announced, but nothing to the extent that Apple wants. More will come at a later time. 
  11. There will be an SDK. A few third parties will come up and show what they’ve already done, and one of these will be a gaming app. We may even see the same app that was running on the phone earlier now on the TV. 
  12. I predict that it will used the just announced A9 chip and will have 2 GB of RAM. I’ll put the whole thing on par with the Wii U. 
  13. Everyone will applaud, and nearly everyone will want the new Apple TV. The old one will get an update and stay on sale for maybe another year, but that’s about it.  
  14. We pack up, and I swoon. 

Let’s check in in a few hours and see how it goes! 


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