What I Use

Below is the ever-increasing list of Mac Apps that I love dearly (and info about the machine they’re running on), and a little blurb about a few. I’ll only mention some of the more rare ones, with a few either-ors thrown in.

My Mac: Retina MacBook Pro 13″ Specs: 250 SSD, 16 GB RAM. Apple Wired Keyboard with number pad, Mighty Mouse (reserve), Magic Trackpad (love this thing), Acer External display (19″)

iWork vs. Office: iWork.

Browser: Safari. It’s clean, it works, and it’s got the relatively few add-ons that I prefer. Chrome looks too out-of-place for me.

RSS Reader: Since Reeder for Mac has died, I’ve been using ReadKit. It’s not bad, but I want Reeder back. I get less hopeful every day.

JiTouch: A plugin that adds customizable gestures to OS X. I am literally crippled when I don’t have this app enabled. It makes the high asking price of the Magic Trackpad totally worth it. It’s what makes every Multi-Touch Trackpad truly magical.

Launcher: Alfred. Alfred is the spiritual successor to the venerable Quicksilver, but I have yet to get the awesome PowerPack. In active development, it’s everything a quick launcher should be.

Twitter: Tweetbot. Formerly a huge Echofon fan, and then Twitter for Mack, I’ve been using Tweetbot since it first came out for iOS.

Task Managing: Clear. It’s free, it looks good, it syncs with the iOS version over the air. Best task manager.

Recommendations? Simply comment, and I’ll be with you in a jiffy.


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