A New Endeavor: Tech Down South

Recently, I’ve decided on embarking on a new adventure with a friend, Matt Wilson (a student of the school out east): a weekly podcast. It’s something that we’ve talked about for quite a while, and after a false start back in November, we’ve finally put  something together that we’ve put some energy behind. The name of the podcast is “Tech Down South”, where Matt and I talk about any tech-related news that comes out for around 45 minutes. Given that we’re big Nintendo and Apple fans, expect those to be popular and common topics, but we’re working to include other, more general information as well. You can check us out on Twitter via @tds_show, or on the web at techdownsouth.wordpress.com. I hope you give us a listen!


Sorry about the spam!

I love If This Then That. It’s a service that can tie together different services (called recipes). But if you’re not careful, things can go wrong.

I created a recipe that publishes tweets with links to them to my WordPress. But I also have a recipe that sends published items from my blog to Twitter. You can see how this would create a problem. 166, actually, until I got a couple of mentions about it. Sorry, WordPress followers! Do forgive me.

Introduction to the Musical Investigation

Hello there, faithful readers!

I’ve got a special prize in store for you: an International Baccalaureate Musical Investigation paper! Fun, right? This assignment is a part of my International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level music course. One of the criterion for the Investigation is publishing the piece in a media format, be it as a radio script, interview, etc. I’ve decided to publish mine on my blog, The Office of the Doctor. The project will be split into 5 articles (don’t worry, links will be provided!):

I hope you guys enjoy, and certainly comment below for questions, comments, or accolades.

I dropped the ball.

Over 450 hits in a day. 30 new posts. New subscribers. New layout. I did ALL OF THAT, then didn’t update in 5 days. Not cool. So I’ll stop not posting now. But these college apps are rough. It gets tricky in December cause that’s when scholarship information is due. Pray for me.