Humans are habitual creatures. Therefore, I am habitual by nature. Nothing shows this more than the Mac apps I use. It takes a lot to make me convert. I think I’m finally going to make the switch. If you know me, I’m a big fan of Echofon. It’s simplistic, Mac-like on the Mac, and iOS-like on iOS. The apps are pretty. The slide-out drawer in the Mac UI is delicious and very useful. The two clients even sync with each other. Beautiful. But, they have ads. Other than that gripe, all is good in Echo-world.

And then Twitterrific 4 came out.

I’ve heard of it, naturally. I’d taken a look in the past, but it just wasn’t me. The nonnative UI, the semi-app status; I just wasn’t feeling it. That’s over now. With a popover to replace Echofon’s delicious and brilliant slide-out drawer (and $5 to take the purchase route), it’s time to switch. At least temporarily. After all, old habits die hard.