Favorite Websites

I love The Internet. It’s a great place to be. I want you to know my favorite places to go whenever I have internet access. I think you’ll like them too. I’ll link to the comics for now.

Video Games:

  • IGN
  • Gamespot I hate Gamespot. First, they gave Metroid Prime 3: Corruption an 8.5. Then, they Gave Metroid: Other M an even lower score. I had the last straw when they gave the Legent of Zelda: Skyward Sword lower than a 9.5. Discredited. I won’t even link to their reviews.
  • Metroid Database
  • Eurogamer.net
  • NintendoWorldReport

Web Comics

Tech Blogs

  • Daring Fireball
  • Marco.org
  • The Brooks Review
  • 512 Pixels
  • Shawn Blanc
  • The Loop


  • Mr. SEC
  • Saturday Down South


  • Macworld
  • Mac|Life
  • iLounge
  • CultofMac
  • MacStories
  • Appstorm


  • Put This On
  • Die, Workwear!
  • The Style Blogger

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